How do you know if your marketing strategy and execution is successful or not? Most marketers claim to strive for a “results focused” or a “data-driven” approach, but the infamous quote from John Wanamaker that “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” still resonates today. So, quite often marketers are left with a collection of vanity metrics which aren’t the most reliable indicators of success.

For measurements to work, you need to have a standard of measure, and to have a standard of measure, you need to get organized. Read more

I’m asking you this question with the belief that most marketers should carefully craft their plan. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of established templates and tools for building your marketing program but those will only take you so far. And you might be headed in the wrong direction.

As a partner in a B2B Marketing Agency based in Atlanta, I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of clients and I can honestly say that no two were exactly alike and neither were their marketing landscapes. Each brand is unique and so are their products and services, customer segments, competitive positioning, budgets, challenges, and opportunities. Read more


Microbrewed Marketing held its first workshop on April 26, 2018. The event was a full-day dive into the marketing strategies and tactics of our guests. Based on the needs of our guests, recommendations were often focused on maximizing the use of the software platform HubSpot.

We also had breakfast, lunch, and a wrap-up event to keep our teams energized.


Our guests at the Microbrewed Marketing workshop wanted to amplify their marketing strategies, tactics, and HubSpot usage. They know the value of custom consulting, and sought out a solution in the Microbrewed Marketing workshop. Read more

The marketing world is turning upside down. Handcrafted, small-batch marketing is beating huge budgets and thoughtless tactics, and the underdogs are winning again and again.

Titans like Anheuser-Busch are still using their conventional marketing models, once the benchmark of the advertising industry, and they’re getting beaten by microbreweries with tiny budgets.

Small companies with once-obscure names like Dogfish Head and Sweetwater are challenging the company famous for “wazzup”, clydesdale horses and frogs. In fact, Budweiser’s parent company is buying up microbrewery brands and creating new products that try to imitate small businesses. They still don’t get it. Read more