Microbrewed Marketing April 2018 Recap


Microbrewed Marketing held its first workshop on April 26, 2018. The event was a full-day dive into the marketing strategies and tactics of our guests. Based on the needs of our guests, recommendations were often focused on maximizing the use of the software platform HubSpot.

We also had breakfast, lunch, and a wrap-up event to keep our teams energized.


Our guests at the Microbrewed Marketing workshop wanted to amplify their marketing strategies, tactics, and HubSpot usage. They know the value of custom consulting, and sought out a solution in the Microbrewed Marketing workshop.


The marketing workshop happened on April 26, 2018. Breakfast started at 8:00 AM EDT, and sessions ran until 4:30 PM EDT (although we did pause for lunch!)


Guests for the workshop included an Atlanta-based marketing company and Prime Care Technologies. These teams brought their best and brightest from marketing, sales, and leadership roles within the company.

Hosts for the workshop included Organic Endeavors, MLT Creative, 98toGo, and HubSpot.


Our awesome location was The Globe Hub in Chamblee, Georgia.


Prior to the workshop, attending guests filled out a survey about their company so our hosts could prepare. Our guests were thorough, transparent, and accurate in their responses, enabling us to provide an awesome experience on the day of the live event.

The workshop sessions were intensive hour-and-a-half consulting dives. Each one consisted of pairing an expert or team of experts with a single guest. These aren’t your canned “training classes” by any means. Conversations stuck to the real-life goals and challenges each business was tackling, and recommendations provided fresh, effective, actionable solutions.